How We Help

Thanks to individual donors and volunteers like you, Growing Liberia’s Children has been helping Liberian schools at a grass-roots level since 2008.

Our assistance has included:

  • Grants for teachers’ salaries
  • Student scholarships
  • Grants for continuing education for teachers
  • Providing educational materials, computers, and furnishings
  • Renovating and improving schools
  • Creating vocational programs at schools
  • Providing food and hygiene supplies during the Ebola crisis

Thanks to Growing Liberia’s Children, this child can now attend school and make up for the years she was deprived of any education. With almost half of its population under the age of fifteen, Liberia’s youth are its future. As one young student said . . .

During the war the soldiers took everything! People in camouflage (rebel fighters) burned it down, burned down the school building. Some of the children died, sickness killed them. When I grow up I want to be a doctor. I want to learn to do something good in the world.

Another shared . . .

I want you to help me get an education and help my school. Thank you for helping to build my school so we can learn.

Help these children’s hope become a reality by assisting in their education by clicking here.

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