Growing Liberia’s Children’s chairperson, Michelle Des Jardins, and intern, Matthew Hicks, recently returned from a trip to Liberia.  While in Liberia, they visited St. Paul’s school and met with teachers, administrators, students, and parents.  One purpose of the trip was to explore the possibility of building a junior high school to serve the community.  Presently, most children end their education after completing sixth grade because of the lack of a local junior high school and the inability to pay tuition.  We at Growing Liberia’s Children hope to address this challenge.  Another purpose of this trip was to visit the proposed site for a farm to support St. Paul’s school and provide agricultural training to the St. Paul’s students.  The development of this farm and two additional farms will be done in cooperation with Lima Rural Development Foundation, a South African non-profit organization. Intern Matthew Hicks is a photographer and videographer.  In addition to having snapped many of the photographs on this website, he will be preparing a short documentary about Liberia’s challenges following a devastating civil war and how GLC is meeting these challenges.

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