With the apparent containment of the Ebola outbreak, Liberia’s Ministry of Education announced the commencement of the school year on February 16, 2015. Still reeling from the devastating effects of the Ebola outbreak, St. Paul’s teachers and students were excited to get back to the classroom. Upon their return, they were treated to St. Paul’s new look, compliments of a new roof and paint job as part of a grant from GLC.

And along with a new look comes a new program structure at the school. St. Paul’s has announced that the school day will now be divided into morning and afternoon sessions. The morning session will consist of pre-school to fourth-grade classes while the afternoon session will consist of fifth through seventh-grade classes. The change will provide more room for teachers and students and contribute to a better learning environment. Looking forward, St. Paul’s plans to add an eighth-grade class next year and a ninth-grade class in 2017.

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