Over eight years ago, Growing Liberia’s Children  was able to re-open St. Paul’s primary school in Liberia with a full staff of qualified teachers. Since that time, we have been providing quality education each year to more than 200 children in a community where only a small percentage of school-age children are attending school due to poverty and the destruction of the educational system during the war.

As we look to 2017, we are excited to continue to help St. Paul’s grow and prosper by providing student scholarships and financing teachers’ salaries. We are also very excited to report several pending developments in 2017:

  • Involvement with Lima, an agricultural non-profit rural development foundation. LIMA is proposing a strategic long-term farming initiative to promote sustainable agriculture livelihoods in the St. Paul’s community, as well as build human capacity in technical agricultural practice and professions. This will allows the St. Paul’s community to learn about farming and benefit financially from this project.
  • We will also be partnering with a Liberian polytechnic college, Stella Maris, to provide internships through the agricultural projects LIMA and GLC are developing.
  • In additional, GLC is evaluating the feasibility of adding a junior high to the existing elementary school at St. Paul’s School. There are few educational opportunities beyond elementary school in the larger St. Paul’s community, and as a result, few students in the area continue their education beyond the sixth grade. A junior high school at St. Paul’s would enable more students to continue their education in order to provide a better future.

Together, we are making an enormous difference in the lives of the children in the st. Paul’s community and the future of Liberia.

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